Glamour Uncensored

About Glamour Uncensored – Great looks. Great design. New Looks. Beauty Reviews.

Glamour Uncensored is your cheat sheet for Beauty. Our beauty & fashion editor, Jeena Monroe, brings you the latest trends in beauty and fashion. Before you go out and spend your hard-earned money, GoodLooknOut wants you to make a well-informed decision on what you put your money into. GoodLooknOut will not blindly recommend products just because they are popular. Not all new products are good products. We will weed out the good from the bad and keep you up to date with what is really HOT!

Post Archive:

November 2011
Perm My What?!?!
Weave Diaries: Wearing a Weave Does Not Make Me Any Less Natural!

Heel’s Designed For YOU Specifically In Mind!

October 2011
Eyelash Serum Week 12: My Search Continues…
Eyelash Serum Week 10: I’m Tired!

August 2011
Eyelash Serum Week 5 and 6: Dream Deferred
Eyelash Serum Week 3 and 4: Volume but no Length
Eyelash Serum Week 2: Win Your Free Serum Too!
Eyelash Serum: Natural Growth or a Hoax? 

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