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Personally, it would be a hard pill for me to swallow if I endured 3 grueling years in law school, while swimming in debt and I didn’t have a $200k job waiting for me immediately upon graduation. However, every year thousands of law graduates are receiving their diploma’s and find themselves swallowing this same pill. Nonetheless, recent law school graduates Jesse Sommer, Josiah Young and Randal Seriguchi, of American University, aren’t too worried. Sommer, Young and Seriguchi turned up their swag a few notches and decided to use their skills to do something most lawyers could only dream of! Under pressure these talented young men decided to reinvent themselves, embrace their creativeness and break away from the legal “profession” by showing the world that there is a lighter side of law through their newest multimedia platform, Channel 38!

What is Channel 38?
Channel 38 is an online multimedia platform that aggregates and sorts innovative audio/video content from around the world.  Its intended-for-TV variety show companion—The Channel Guide—highlights the talent and entertainment available on Channel 38.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience, The Channel Guide explores the humanity of taboo topics, through interviews with public figures ranging from politicians to porn stars; performances from musical artists and comedians; video vignettes and viewer submissions; and news from around the globe.

Meet The Crew
They can tell you all about the law… but they’d rather not. Meet the team behind Channel 38:

Jesse Sommer

“An American narcissist, raised vegetarian in a small village outside Albany, NY.”

Legal Aspirations:
To Stay out of jail!


Josiah Young

World class man of honor with a heart of gold!”

Legal Aspirations:
Represent those with a underrepresented voice; inspiring the youth do make wiser choices, know their rights and have a clear understanding on how to protect those rights!

Randal Seriguchi

“Handsome. Suave. Debonair. Randy spelled that last one all by himself.”

Legal Aspirations:

Destroying race as a social construct; federalizing the nation’s public education system; and helping DC reach statehood or quasi-statehood status (full Congressional and Senatorial representation).

Channel 38 Wants You!
Join Channel 38, December 11th at Riot Act, as they film their pilot episode for The Channel Guide Program. Come witness some live legal energy and take part in a new culture of law.

The show will also include acts from stand-up comedian Kevin Barnett, former DC mayor Marion Barry, Nina Hartley, rapper Logic and spoken word by Lalibella.

Doors open at 6:30pm with a 75-minute happy hour. The Channel Guide program will begin at 8:05pm and the will conclude with a performance by Logic at 8:45pm. Get your tickets NOW!

Event Location:
Riot Act Comedy Theatre

801 E Street NW
Washington, DC 20004