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This Thanksgiving I went to visit my family down south in Atlanta. Although Atlanta was my final destination, I stopped in Charlotte, N.C. to see my cousin Valeda. While chatting with her she asked me if I have ever permed my eyelashes. I immediately assumed she was mistaken, and she meant to ask if I have ever permed my hair (on my head). However, after the conversation went on, I realized that she was serious about whether or not I permed my eyelashes. I thought to myself, “who in the world would perm they’re eyelashes?” Eyelash perming has become a popular beauty enhancement and the trend is on the rise!

As soon as my cousin showed me the website for the establishment that she wanted to get her lashes permed, I could see myself getting excited. I mean, who perm’s they’re lashes? It sounds so absurd. Nonetheless, women are perming them everyday more and more. Here are some of the known benefits of perming your lashes:

  • Your own lashes and not extensions
  • Affordable procedure
  • You can throw away your eyelash curler
  • Look younger and more awake
  • It can decrease the need for mascara, depending on how dark your natural lashes are

Is it safe?
From just looking at the procedure and the pictures it makes me wonder what would happen in the event of human error. If one thing went wrong with the procedure, how will this perm affect my actual eye?  The thought of chemicals getting into the eye is pretty nerve-racking. However, people have done more insane things in the name of beauty.

Before running out to get this seemingly simple procedure done, remember this procedure is not FDA approved. Although eyelash perming is acceptable in other countries, the United States does not provide its full approval and because of this not all states will allow the procedure to be done. Eyelash perming can cause temporary and permanent loss of lashes and in very severe cases blindness. BEWARE!!

How does it work?
Perming eyelashes is a tradition that is very popular in Japan. Japanese women complain that their eyelash hairs are just as straight as the hair on their head. To give their lashes more curl and depth, they took to perming them. The video below is very helpful and further explains how eyelash perming is done:

The before and after results look awesome! The lashes on the models demonstrating the service don’t look very long but the extensive curl give the lashes a very dramatic effect. Look for yourself:



Hey if I can’t have my dream glam lashes, these curly lashes will certainly do. Anything that will help my eyes pop sound good.

How long will it last?
Most companies guarantee that you will see curlier lashes for no less than one month. However, some of them offer curlier lashes for as long as 3 months. To know that you could have curly lashes everyday for up to 3 months is very pleasing.

Where can I go to get it done?
Below is a list of spa’s, clinics and salon’s that offer eyelash perming. If you did not find a location closest to you, then try searching for one on Yelp.com. I found a few on there myself. Plus you can get some great reviews from people who have had the service done already. The cost to get your lashes permed ranges from $60 to $240.

Salon’s and Spa’s:
Eyelash Perm 
– Order Online
Laura the Eyebrow Queen –
Dallas, TX
The Lash Lounge – Multiple Texas Locations
Sizuka New York Day Spa 
– New York, NY
Takamichi Hair – New York, NY
Permanent Make Up Clinic – McLean, VA
Rain and Spa Salon – Locust Grove, VA
Georgetown Beauty Clinic – Washington, DC
Baby Doll Lashes– Charlotte, NC
Taka Hair Salon – Los Angeles, CA
Cil’s France – Los Angeles, CA
Palms Beauty – Los Angeles, CA
Flutter Lash Studio – Chicago,Il
Roque Salon – Chicago, IL
Forever Tan Miami – Miami, FL
Super Body Beauty Salon – Miami, FL
Blush Day Spa – Alamonte Springs, FL

Ladies, if you have already had this service done, please make sure you post a comment letting readers know if the service really works. Also, if you know of another establishment that does eyelash perming that you would like me to add to the list above, please leave a comment or contact me directly. Thanks.