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Yes, I Weave it and Leave It!
I am a true fan of a good hair weave. What can I say, I love them! I love how I can style my hair any way imaginable, and at the end of the day I can still wear my hair naturally. Lately, I have been hearing a lot of discussion about how women of color wear weaves (aka extensions) and it makes them look unnatural or inauthentic! I have to say, a woman will define what is natural to her. No one person wears their hair in the same state that they were born (natural), whether they are black, white, blue or green.Wearing a weave does not make anyone any less natural than they are without wearing one!

Not that I have to explain, but…
Since I am a woman of color, let me let you in on a little secret: women of color wear weaves for a variety of reasons, but the most common is convenience. Most  women of color have coarse hair and wearing a weave can help make our day all the more easy. Coarse hair requires a lot of heat and attention. In order to straighten my hair (or to generally make it more manageable), I have to sit in a beauty salon for no less than two and a half hours. If I go to the gym, forget my umbrella, or if the weather decides to be icky or humid I will find myself right back in that salon chair for another two and a half hours. With an infant, I have no time to sit in a salon every time I want to hit the treadmill. Nor do I want to walk around with my hair super curly everyday. If I had a weave in, I could just style it and go. No heat required! Besides, I like variety when styling my hair. In a world as busy as the one we live in, convenience is key!

Even though I am a major proponent to ANY woman having the right to wear a weave, there are still strict “weave rules” that you must abide by (no matter what race you are):

Do wash your hair like you would wash your own hair (and thoroughly dry it)
Choose a hair that blends well with your natural hair
Do match your weave with the color of your natural hair

Do trim your real hair every time you take out your weave (otherwise your really not helping your hair grow)

Don’t keep your weave in longer than it is supposed to be in
Don’t have exposed tracks (that’s just tacky)
Don’t use thread that is not brown or black
Don’t use cheap hair (purchase 100% human hair)

Human Hair Please!
One of my “weave rules” (listed above) is to not put cheap hair in your head, especially if you want it to blend well with your own hair. So to help you ladies out, I have compiled a list of sources to retrieve 100% human hair. When purchasing hair make sure that you do 4 simple things to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

  1. Shop around so you don’t over pay. You don’t know how many times I have overpaid for hair. If it helps bring a friend who has purchased before to help you.
  2. Check for split ends before you purchase the hair. Some places will sell you over processed hair that has split ends halfway to the root of the track.
  3. Take your time. Buying hair is a hefty investment, if you don’t feel 100% comfortable…don’t buy. I always suggest keep a close eye out for women wearing hairstyles that interest you. Don’t be afraid to ask where they purchased their hair. Besides women love when they receive compliments.
  4. Don’t go with the cheap stuff just to save a buck. Real 100% indian hair will last you for years. Any hair laced with synthetic or Remy is NOT 100% virgin indian hair and will only last so long.

Verified Sources (by me of course)
Pauline’s Hair – (323)779-9099
Malasian Goddess Hair – (323)839-9938
Indo Asian Human Hair – (310)677-6498
Giovanni & Son -(310) 397-5287

Other Sources (unverified)
Naya’s Indian Hair – (888)389-8110
Precious Strands – (855)778-7263
Perfect Looks – (888)290-4771
Pretty Indian Hair – (404)454-0411

To all you weave nay sayer’s… come on down off your high horse. I’m sure if you really sat down and thought about how you groom yourselves closely, you will find a few unnatural things yourself.

Ladies, if you have a hair source that you would like to recommend please drop a comment. Remember only 100% human hair (Remy hair or anything laced with synthetic is not what we are looking for) recommendations. Be you and please define what’s natural to you!