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Raise your hand if you have a narrow foot? Raise your hand if you never feel comfortable in any shoe that you buy. Keep them raised if you would love to design your own shoe, but you wouldn’t know where exactly to start. Yesterday, during my sunday night reality tv ritual, I sat down to watch Basketball Wives of Los Angeles. During the segment the ladies spent the day shopping for custom designer shoes. Watching, I couldn’t help but wonder how hard it would be for someone like myself to get a hold of a pair of custom designed shoes. I always thought it was something out of my reach, because it would be too expensive to get accomplished. Boy, was I wrong!

During my search I found the following companies that offer custom shoes for the ladies:

Shoes of prey
Atelier Shoes
Dream Heels
Shoe USA
Shoes For Stars
Princess Chic
Milk & Honey Shoes

My favorite of them all is Milk & Honey Shoes and Shoes of Prey (you’re welcome for this free promotion LOL). I know I probably should not be biased and just present my findings, but hey it’s my blog so sue me! Why these two companies? Both companies do a fabulous job presenting their signature designs on their site. Their site is very interactive, they give me the run-down on how the ordering process works and they have a great visual display page that shows me real pictures of customers wearing the shoes. They even show you how the shoes are made! Purchasing shoes without trying them on can be very scary, especially for people who have a hard enough time finding the right fit.

The average price to order, from the above referenced companies, is $250 per pair. Although moderately priced, I probably won’t be buying a slew of shoes at $250 a pop. However, they would be an acceptable purchase for special occasions, such as a wedding or special event! Shoes of Prey have some great designs for women wanting to really deliver personal style for a special event (see below for pictures from their testimonial page on their site).

For your next birthday party, wedding or even a girl’s night out you can step out setting yourself apart from the masses. Ladies, now we don’t have to worry about someone at the event wearing the exact same pair of shoes. Having shoes that are perfectly made for you is not just something tailored for just celebrities and the wealthy anymore, they are available to hard-working women like you and I!

If you have ordered from the companies I previously mentioned or another custom shoe design company, share your experiences in the comments field. Also, If I have missed a company that you know of, by all means… let us all know by leaving a comment.  When I get my first pair, I will be sure to let you all know.