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As I drove to into work a few days ago, I heard a little blurb about turning your cremated ashes into synthetic diamonds on the radio. Immediately I was perplexed and wanted to hear more, but when I turned up the volume to hear more the show went to break. The whole ride to work, I kept thinking about this and wanted to hear more, but apparently I heard the very end of the segmnet. So, as usual… I took to google. Although a tad bit early, I and went cremation shopping.

To my surprise, my ears were not deceiving me and there is actually a company that turns your cremated ashes into synthetic diamonds. Life Gem’s mission is to help others ease through their grieving process and help people to celebrate the life of a deceased loved one.

I can’t lie, I was completely flabbergasted at the possibility of actually wearing a loved one. After having it in my memory banks for a few more days, I started to realize that this was actually a great idea (in a creepy way). For generations people have been passing down heirlooms and jewelry. Now, passing down jewelry will have added meaning. For some, being able to carry around their loved one would be so comforting. Hey, I get it. Plus, you can even make diamonds with your family pet’s ashes as well.

There is one caveat with this program….the PRICE!I am not a large purchaser of fine jewelry (right now that is), but it looks to me that having this type of service done does not come cheap. Life Gem’s prices range from $2500 (.10 + carat) to $20,000 (1.5 + carat). Pretty steep!

In my search I found a few more companies that also did the same service:

  1. Memorial Diamonds
  2. Art in Ashes
  3. Phoenix Diamonds

Most of these companies are not based in the United States, so that could pose a problem for people who are seriously interested in such a service. Life Gem looks to be the only U.S. based company that does the service and advertises through the web. If you know of another company that makes these types of diamonds please drop a comment with the info.