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I get so tired of the morning hustle everyday. What I get most irritated about, is the fact that I have to leave my little angel cake Lola every morning. However, the bill must get paid every month and I have not discovered a genius enough plan to where I can work from home (suggestions anyone?!?!? no scams though). Although I hate waking up every morning at 5am, sitting in D.C. traffic and kicking myself every morning because I did not eat any breakfast before I left the house, I find a simple delight in a nice warm beverage once I make it into the office!

Ginseng is my beverage of choice nowadays and I love the warm feeling I receive every morning. Ginseng comes from the species Panax (genus of 11 species of a slow-growing perennial plant) that is within the Araliaceae family. One of main benefits from its consumption is that it restores your body back to health with minimal side effects.  

I felt very warm this morning and I wanted to share this warmth with you! Fall is here and winter is sure to come. For those of us here on the east coast, we will be stuck in the house more often than not (dern snow), so make sure that one day soon you start your morning with a warm beverage (and think of me)!

My next post will probably be how to get the stains off your teeth, so take this post with a grain of salt if you have been contemplating getting your teeth whitened. Tell me what’s your favorite warm beverage on a cold fall morning!