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The day after I delivered my baby girl Lola, I found myself running to the pediatrician because Lola would not take to breastfeeding. Apparently, the nurses where I delivered gave me improper breastfeeding instructions and I was actually obstructing the flow of milk to Lola. It was so bad that her urine was turning into urate crystals due to her dehydration. Needless to say, I was petrified! Going to Lola’s pediatrician (Children’s First Pediatrics) was the best thing I could have done, because it was there that I met Mrs. Kathleen McCue.

After 40 minutes in Mrs. McCue’s office my child was what many in the breastfeeding world refer to as “milk drunk”. Mrs. McCue told me to get topless and she went to work on explaining breastfeeding from A to Z. I left out of her office feeling like a confident mom who was going to breastfeed forever (that was until Lola bit me the first time). What I love most about Mrs. McCue is how she keeps me motivated yet very stern with me from time to time, as I start to lose focus. I don’t mind it though, because I can tell that she genuinely care’s for me and my Lola as her patients. When I really need her I call her directly and she doesn’t hide behind her receptionist (who by the way is her wonderful mother…I believe) and insist that I come in for a visit. She answers me directly when I call and get’s straight to handling my issues. You can’t find that level of service ANYWHERE!

Lola “Milk Drunk” immediately after visitng Mrs. McCue

By the way, here are some of my favorite viral milk drunk photo’s:

As most women will come to see, breastfeeding is not as simple as one may think, so it is important to have someone who is passionate about what they do in your corner! This is why I am so glad to have Mrs. Kathleen McCue, the best lactation consultants in the greater Washington D.C. area. Mrs. McCue definitely has my stamp of approval and I recommend her to all mothers that need assistance with breastfeeding their little ones.

If you live outside the D.C. don’t fret. Mrs. McCue recently finished her new book  titled “Start Here: Breastfeeding and Infant Care with Humor and Common Sense” (shown below). This book is absolutely amazing (I bought one myself). It’s a really easy read and it will ensure that your child will have the best start possible in life. If you need further assistance please refer to the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) to help you further with your breastfeeding needs.

My inspiration for writing my post about Mrs. Mcue comes in two parts. First, Mrs. McCue is wonderful and I am extremely thankful for her sharing her knowledge with me. Second, I want to share my experiences on breastfeeding with other mothers because I know that women are more apt to feeding their child formula and may not truly understand the extreme benefits breastfeeding will provide to an infant child. Ladies, do your homework!

Thank you Mrs. McCue!!!

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