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Do you think you know everything? Do you answer all questions…even if those questions aren’t directed torwards you? Do you feel that everything MUST be done your way? Do you start to perspire  and experience a bit of personal rage if someone does something that you do not agree with? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I hate to say it but you are experiencing know-it-all syndrome and this post is written especially for you!

Whether you are with friends, at work or with family there will always be someone like the person referenced above. I know a few of those people and consult with them on a daily basis. What’s funny to me is when you witness one know-it-all that thinks someone else is a know-it-all and bad-mouths this person for being just like them. It’s like witnessing someone coming into contact with their doppelgänger, and doesn’t even realize it!

So if you are experiencing know-it-all syndrome try the following prescription for relief:

1) Remember you are human just like everyone else
2) Listen to yourself talking (you may be embarrassed if you ever heard yourself talk)
3) Be humble
4) When in doubt….SHUT UP!
5) Its OK if you don’t know everything.

We all suffer know-it-all syndrome to a small degree, but when you start realizing that you are continuously being ignored, avoided and snickered at, this behaviour is becoming problematic…so do us all a favor and SHUT UP!