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Ok… Life got to me and I did not stick to my strict regimen! Starting a new job and my baby being sick stopped me from keeping up with applying Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum (2) times daily. I guess this is to be expected with anything you do when you have outside influences that are pulling you in different directions. I wanted to be completely honest when documenting my experience with this product, and life got the best of me. I guess my dream of glam lashes has definitely taken a back seat to MY LIFE!

What Your Lashes Should Look Like
Unfortunately my lashes do not look any different from week 4, therefore I did not post any new pictures. However, I did some research to show you what your lashes are supposed to look like at this stage.

(Photo’s taken from The Lash Chronicles)

I compare Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum to Latisse because with my research over the last few weeks Latisse is one of the most popular serum’s on the market. You can interpret these results as you wish. I really can’t add any of my own personal thoughts on the subject because I did not follow through on my end of the bargain with the procedures of how this product should be used (shame on me).

I can say that for week 7 I will have more concrete findings on Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum, but until then I must accept my dream deferred.

Stay tuned for Week 7 and I look forward to sharing my review with you!

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