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America has complained and cried so long about President Obama’s so-called lack of concern about helping Americans find jobs and now it looks like America’s prayers have been answered with the American Jobs Act of 2011. For some people it looked like the President was more worried about passing the Healthcare Reform and vacationing, than he cared for the economy of the Unites States of America. Is this a ploy to gain better approval ratings from the American people or does he really want to boost the economy with the creation of more jobs?

How the Act Will Help You

The bill attempts to create more jobs by giving small businesses a break. This break comes in the form of a tax cut for small businesses to help them expand with hiring.  The bill also will help middle class Americans by cutting the payroll tax that comes out of paychecks. The government believes this will save Americans an average of $1500 a year. I would love an extra $1500 in my pockets. How about you?

This bill will put teachers, first responders, veterans and construction workers back to work with projects that are deemed necessary and not with projects that are cherry-picked by politicians (based on their own personal need). I love the fact that the act will create jobs by repairing bridges, roads and an employing teachers in over 35,000 schools in American communities.

Out-of-Work Americans will be able to extend their unemployment benefits through this new bill. The average length of time that a person is out of work is 9 months. I know Suzie Orman preaches that you should have up to 8 months of emergency cash saved up for events like becoming unemployed, but let’s be serious, who has the ability to save that type of money in middle class america?!?!?!

There will be new training programs that will help Americans build real professional tools to assist them in gaining entry into the work force. Obama also wants to assist the unemployed by banning employers from discriminating against hiring workers who have been out of work for more than 6 months.

The bill also helps low-income youths and adults with  opportunities for year around jobs for the youth and encouraging employers to employ the disadvantaged through the Pathways Back to Work Fund.

What’s funny is that an old colleague even wrote a letter to Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, back in November of last year, with a similar solution as that of the American Jobs Act of 2011. The Federal reserve responded with a letter thanking him for his suggestions but stated they have chosen other measures to stimulate the economy. I guess he should have sent this letter directly to the President himself!

Hoping For The Best

The purpose of this entry is to keep you informed on how this act could possible assist you in the work force in the near future. If this bill were to pass (which is questionable since Republicans have done everything in their power to block all of Obama’s efforts that do not exclusively help the wealthy) it could be the most beneficial piece of legislation passed in the Obama Presidency. Looks like Obama’s approval rating has a fighting chance for the next presidential election.

I appreciate’s President Obama refusing to temporarily fix the American economy and committing t to permanently rebuilding it. Americans are struggling out here and it seems like the middle-class suffers the most. I am only hoping for the very best and this bill seems like it could benefit a lot of people in desperate need.

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