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A week ago I created a post entitled “Eyelash Serum: Natural Growth or a Hoax?” reviewing MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime’s Future Length Lash Serum. The review was to be done within an 8 week time frame, with a post for each week’s progress. This review is designed for people who are interested in the product, like myself, but are weary on whether the product really works. I have completed week one, so now it’s time for my review:

(Week 1 Lashes)


Ok, so I am already in week two of my Mac Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum and it’s time it evaluate my results from week 1. Since my introduction of this product on GoodLooknOut, I’ve been applying the prep + prime for twice a day everyday. I am so excited at the possibility of having GLAM LASHES!

My lashes are medium length, but there is plenty of room for growth! They are not too long and not too short,  just in-between. As I stated in my previous post, I want my lashes to be glam-girl long. It’s been a week and I am ready to present my findings. Remember, this review will cover a period of 8 weeks and I will be sharing a post per week with my developments.

Week 1 Review

(End of week 1 Lashes)

Within one week I can see small amounts of growth at the very root of the lid. If you look closely at the picture above you can see baby hairs trying desperately to peek through. The MAC representative who sold me the product mentioned that she started to see growth after her first week, so I guess I am right on target.

I keep envisioning me waking up the next morning and my lashes growing a full inch (impossible… I know). I am so pumped that I have to keep telling myself that I am only in week one, and I have 7 more weeks to see this serum through. Needless to say, my morning pep-talks keep getting longer and longer.

The most difficult step of this process is remembering to apply it twice per day. If you’re not the girl who can take their birth control once a day on time, then this is not a product for you. It must be twice a day, so I applied it once in the morning when I wake up and once in the evening before I lay down for bed. You cannot put this product on with make up. So if you are the type that sleeps with a full face of make-up, this may not be for you either. Between getting work done, cleaning the house and taking care of my 6 month old I am usually dead to the world by sun down. However, I am pushing for this, so I am keeping my serum application on a strict schedule.

You be the judge and let me know what you think about my lash growth. Also, if you have had successful eyelash serum results please email me your photo’s. I would love to showcase them (with your approval of course)!

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For all of my faithful followers out there I want to do SOMETHING SPECIAL to show my appreciation for your readership.  I am giving away a MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum to the winner of the contest, so I want you all to apply and get a chance at the prize!

Contest Details: I am looking for the WORST eyelashes ever! The contestant with the worst eyelashes, and wishes to see them potentially grow will receive the new Mac Cosmetics Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum.

To be entered into the contest you must complete the following:

  1. Follow GoodLookOut through Email Subscription (please sign up on the homepage)
  2. Follow GoodLooknOut on Facebook
  3. Send in a photo of your eyelashes to email (for judging purposes ONLY and I will not be posting or distributing your photo to anyone other than GoodLooknOut)

More Details: Be sure that in your email, with your photo, you also include your:

  1. Full name and mailing address.
  2. The email address you used to sign up for GoodLooknOut
  3. Your Facebook profile name (if you don’t have Facebook sign up here)

Once the decision has been made, I will then notify you by email I will send your prize.

Be sure to TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS by forwarding the link to this post. I want all of my followers to have a chance to test out this product and weigh in. Your required participation is minimal and I would love for anyone and everyone to have the chance to win something that is totally FREE!!!! Spread the word!!!

The contest will end on Thursday, September 2, 2011 at 12pm. The contest winner will be announced Friday, September 3, 2011. Please allow 7-10 business days for the winner to receive the product. For any questions please contact me through email!

This contest is only for residents of the United States. I will not award a contestant whose address is outside of the U.S.

One entry per person. Photoshop entries or photos that do not look legit will not be considered!