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My fiance always complains about how often he has to get his hair cut. He is a very low maintenance guy, so if anything in his life makes him step outside his personal maintenance comfort zone, he is not having it.  According to Craig Damon, Stylist to the Stars, he makes the difference between a good hair cut which lasts for a few days and a great haircut lasting a few weeks. Join me in revealing the The Craig Damon Experience.

Entertainment Industry Master Barber Stylist…
Craig Damon has proven himself as a Master Barber styling for A-List Celebrities such as Tyler Perry, Lance Gross, Lammon Rucker, Kenny Lattimore,  and Malik Yoba. Damon’s work has been featured on “The Gospel”, “Stomp the Yard”, “Daddy’s Little Girls” and “Why Did I get Married?”. Damon has also appeared on the Cover of Essence, Ebony and Sophisticated Black Hair, where he shares with the world what he refers to as The Craig Damon Experience.

Damon is highly regarded and respected in the hair industry. His vision and style are what set’s him apart from your average barber stylist. His education, knowledge, skill, talent, and ability to manage high-profile client relationships is what drives his personal brand of the Master Barber Stylist. Damon’s vision goes much deeper than just a cut that last for a few weeks. Damon’s personal brand extends to his desire to help other barbers and stylist create their own personal experience for their own clients through the Craig Damon Institute of Hair & Design (CDI).

Educate. Duplicate.Create.
CDI is designed to help barbers and stylists perfect their trade and skill. His motto is educate, duplicate and create. CDI’s training courses are designed to improve haircutting skills, perfect stylists’ customer service skills and gives pointers on how to effectively run a salon. Additionally, Damon’s course’s train stylists in:

  • How to establish business in the hair industry
  • How to legitimize your business
  • How to keep your business lucrative

What’s Next For Craig Damon?
Damon plans to push CDI and all it offers to maximum capacity. His goal for the institute is to transition the technical school from offering help to people already licensed reach their potential to helping individuals become licensed. Damon has big plans for CDI and it is clear that Damon is dedicated to his clients, his craft  and CDI.

Damon is also creating a premier hair care line for men that barbers and stylists can retail to their clients. This new line will be a complete with a line of responsible hair care for men and women. The line is expected to launch in 2012 and to stay up to date with Craig Damon’s hair care line please follow his blog.

Ladies, if you are looking for precision barber or stylist in the Atlanta area,

GoodLooknOut would like to thank Craig Damon for allowing us to honor him as an amazing person for August 2011. His vision and skill is very promising and we are excited to see more with his progression. We look forward to future developments from Damon and The Craig Damon Institute of Hair & Design. For all of you ladies and gentlemen in the Atlanta area who are seeking a new barber and stylist I have included Damon’s contact information below.

-Marie Young

Videos & Images

Day In The Life: Lance Gross from The Club Nation on Vimeo.

To contact Craig Damon or the Craig Damon Institute of Hair & Design please click here.

To purchase a copy of Craig Damon’s latest training course “The Anatomy of a Haircut” on dvd please click here and request a copy.


HIRAM,  GA 30141

(770) 943-5882 OFFICE OR (770) 943-7772 FAX

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