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Losing weight is an indvidual experience and is never the same for two different people. There are hundreds of health diets to choose from, so how do we know which is right for us? We don’t! We are expected to keep purchasing different diet solutions and programs, all the while losing more and more money until we find one that works well for us. There are now reports now that suggest that there is a direct genetic component to your weight loss and that your weight loss problems can be easily be detected by a simple DNA test and a good weight management specifcially designed for a specific individual. Everyone’s body is different and weight management should be handled differently per individual.

According to Stanford Prevention Research Center researchers and Interleukin Genetics, who presented a study at The American Heart Association meeting earlier this year, your weight loss is directly tied to a diet that is designed specific to your own genotype.

Key Stanford findings from the study state:

  • Individuals on genotype-appropriate diets lost 5.3 percent of body weight compared to individuals on diets not matched to their genotype, who experienced only 2.3 percent weight loss (p=0.005);
  • The weight loss differences were even stronger when considering the individuals who were trying to follow the lowest carbohydrate (Atkins) and the lowest fat (Ornish) diets: 6.8% weight loss for those whose genotype matched the diet they were following vs. 1.4% for those not matched to their genotype (p=0.03);
  • The statistical significance of the findings increased when taking into account the actual diet habits reported by study participants (rather than just the specific diet they were asked to follow);
  • Improvements in clinical measures related to weight loss (e.g., blood triglyceride levels) paralleled the weight loss differences (PR News Wire).

How it Works

The process is simple. You just send in DNA samples of a your cheek-swab to a DNA testing company. The fee for this testing can be found for as low as $169. The results reveal whether the participant would benefit from a low-carbohydrate, low-fat or a balanced diet that is reduced in calaries. The test also will help a partcipant determine what type of exercise regimen this person should follow. It helps when determining whether a person should be doing a vigerous work out or less intensive workout. With the results received, your nutritionist (or doctor) then places you on a diet appropriate-specific for you. This way you can maximize your weight loss potential. The process seems straight to the point, simple and cost-effective, but does this method really yield it’s intended results?

Not Everyone is a Fan of DNA Testing

Although there are many people who swear by DNA testing for weight management, there are still some that say this testing method is very limited for weight loss results. For example diet and fitness expert Dr. Melina Jampolis. Jampolis recommends looking in the mirror and doing more exercise to rid extra pounds. She does not recommend genetic testing. Jampolis insists that this type of testing is in no way definitive with respect to it’s effectiveness in weight loss. She claims that it is too soon to tell if this testing method could be beneficial and the best weight loss approach is to cut down your calorie and fat intake.

It Cant Hurt… I Think?!?

If DNA testing is as beneficial as some doctors suggest it is, I don’t see the issue with at least trying it. I may even opt to try it for myself. After giving birth six months ago, I can afford to loose a little hear and there. Besides, it is only a test! Results from a test are purely informational. You can only learn from your testing your DNA. I may not loose any weight, but I am certain that I will learn more about my body and it’s make-up.

When it comes to your health make the choice for yourself. It is your body and you will ultimately decide how you want to treat it. I found a great research study that was published in Nutrition Journal that can help you make your own decision and give you some extensive background on how this concept even came into existence. The study’s results state that nutrigenetically tailored diets (DNA testing) yielded positive weight-loss results improved blood glucose levels as well as BMI reduction.

There are many doctors (traditional and holistic) that are recommending this testing procedure, so for your convenience I have put together a small list of DNA testing centers if you are interested in starting a nutrigentic health regimen.

DNA Testing Centers

To learn more on nutrigenetics and DNA testing for weight management click here.


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