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The latest craze in the meditation world is none other than baby yoga or baby swinging. Have you ever taken a yoga class? I have, and it was pretty hard to get through the full workout within the hour they give you at my gym. For those of you who have never done yoga, it’s pretty extreme. Yoga is the physical workout of poses along with stretching, flexibility and creation of balance within the body. Although Yoga’s roots and origin go much deeper than how Americans have simplified it, it has become a common household name for most. Recently, baby yoga has received a lot of negative backlash from the media. This new type of yoga has many parents going crazy!

The person in the video above is a Russian woman named Lena Fokina of Dehab, Egypt. Fokina refers to herself as a child rearing expert and even advertises on her company website. Fokina suggests that baby swinging and yoga is something that is natural and has been around for more than 30 years in Russia. She notes Igor Borisovich Charkovsky (pictured below) as her baby yoga teacher and the founder of conscious parenting, creator of modern “water birth” and dynamic baby gymnastics. Charkovsky and Fokina think of this alternative spiritual health as a lifestyle and question why we even question it.

After conducting more research on Fokina I see, that her methods of spiritual health has proven itself on her own children at the least. Pictured below, you can see her baby teaching free-diving lessons (at such a tender age) with their mother. Fokina wonders why we look at her techniques derogatively and states her children are not crying or looking ask if they are being abused.

Initially watching the above video I was almost to tears. How can a person do this to their baby. When I gave birth to my Lola, I was so scared to even touch her roughly because she was so small and defenseless. When I saw Fokina’s website and read more on Charkovsky, I was becoming more interested, and almost impressed. Her photographs of her children on her website made me smile. Like she said, her baby looks really happy and healthy. It is amazing to me when I see small children doing things that defy standard practices. This looks amazing!

So  do you feel baby swinging and yoga abusive towards children? I have to admit that at first glance, I thought of it as WRONG! However, I can not judge another person’s alternative lifestyle, especially when their children are growing up healthy and happy! Besides, my lifestyle could seem alternative to others as well. I do wonder if they will conduct a study on these children’s brain activity a few years from now, to see if it has affected them mentally in some type of way.

Personally, I would not feel comfortable swinging my little Lola around doing baby yoga, but hey… I can’t knock it until I try it, so I guess I will let you be the judge.

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