My Little “Gangsta Baby” Wants Breastmilk Only!


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Recently, I had to have a very, as I would say “REAL” conversation with my daycare provider. I advised the daycare director to tell the teachers who watch my daughter to STOP telling me to not to breastfeed any longer. I mean who does that? Last time I checked it’s the parent’s decision on whether or not they want to breastfeed or bottle-feed. In my opinion, the ONLY person that should be advising you to stop breastfeeding is your physician. Well, needless to say the director felt that it was well within the daycare’s right to advise me not to breastfeed. They may be able to advise the other parents at the daycare of this, but this is not acceptable for me!

“Baby Gangsta”
This whole conversation started because I stopped pumping and started feeding my daughter formula not too long ago. When I made this switch Lola did not take kindly to it. When her daycare provider, her father or I tried to feed her formula she went into “I’m not having it mode!” She would kick, scream, spit and I think I may have even seen her flip me the bird (heeheheh jk)!!! Lola really embodied the “Baby Gangsta” role when feeding time came. She ate her solid foods just fine, but she only wanted breast milk. From what I read and hear this is common for children that are accustomed to only being breastfed for the first few months of their life.

My Real Point
Should a daycare really counsel, and even push, a mother to stop breastfeeding? Well, after countless visits to the doctors, they advised me that it was inappropriate for the daycare to propose that I stop breastfeeding. In fact, the doctor was flabbergasted at such a request. Again, I ask… “where they do that at?”

Lola is just a strong-willed baby. Once a strong-willed baby has created a preference, it is nearly impossible to break them of this preference. I had to just bite the bullet and continue to pump and breastfeed Lola breast milk through the bottle.

I write this post in support of all you mothers out there whose will to continue to breastfeed dwindles with every moment you spend with a suction cup on your nipple. In the end, I am doing this for my child to have the best possible start in life. I am sure you know the benefits you gain from breastfeeding your child. Although, I still love my daycare provider and I know they love my little Lola bear, we had to agree to disagree. At least they know now to stop telling me not to breastfeed!